​So you're probably wondering, "What on EARTH does 'That Subject' mean??"

Ok so it might sound a little goofy - but quite frankly there's a reason for it.

The fact is, I like a bunch of different topics. I've been working online for going on 23 years now, - yep, since May of 1997 - and while I have a lot of business knowledge and interests, I also have a lot of (seemingly) random personal interests. I love to travel. I love reading health books. I love journaling, and creating my own planners and notebooks. And a ton more.

Some months I'm more interested in health, gardening, or weird random facts. Others, I'm more geared to business / online related stuff - marketing, or just research.

So that's what this blog is about - ALL of my knowledge and interests, in one (not so) random place.

​I've decided for 2020, to build this up and post most days with a combination of topics that I like, and interesting tools and features to help you - either personally or for your business.

You'll be able to start seeing posts in line with:

Monday Mashups: A combination of things
Monday Motivation: Inspiring examples and motivational quotes

Tuesday Tools: tools you can use (usually for business, but not always!)
Tuseday Trivia: random fun!
​Tuesday Tech: new and interesting technologies discussed here
Tuesday Tips: usually online business tips


Sometimes I'm serious, sometimes my sense of humor (probably usually silly or sarcastic) comes out. Yes, sometimes I'll link to products that I recommend - but only something I personally like AND have tried. (Sick of all those "compare" blogs that are just pitches to what earns them the most as an affiliate? Yeah me too).

So - if you find a recommendation on this blog, realize that yeah, I "may" earn a small commission for the referral. Other times, I link to products just because I seriously like and use them, and will not always earn something from that link. No matter what - if I link to it - it's because I've honestly looked at it or tried it or use it myself - legitimately. One of the things my readers have always appreciated about me on my other business sites, is that I've ALWAYS been up front. If I recommend something, they know I've actually used it or read it. And, they know that if I think it's complete garbage, I either won't recommend it, or I'll specifically post why not. But don't worry - you won't find a ton of ads on the site. (Perhaps a few - but very minimal), because that's NOT what this is about.

This is about my interests, ramblings, and sharing.

Bear with me if the site seems a little 'sparse' - I'm adding these posts in my spare time (which isn't a lot LOL).

I am the Founder, President & CEO of DIME Consultants Inc.,  I am the founder of a few other small businesses and websites such as MyCustomJournal, eBusiness Empires, and at least a dozen other websites.

​If there's something you'd like me to talk about, feel free to ask! (Not promising, but it's possible I'll consider it if I know about it).

Amber Jalink

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